6 Tennessee Titans who have earned a Pro Bowl vote this year

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6 Tennessee Titans who have earned a Pro Bowl vote this year

Post by admin » Fri Nov 01, 2019 6:32 am

Which Tennessee Titans have earned your Pro Bowl vote?

At 5-5 the Tennessee Titans are entering the bye week with a lot more hope than they had in 2018, and rightfully so.

After just calling a very competent offensive game plan and beating one of the best teams in the NFL at home, you would be right to think that there are some clear standouts on this team.

It would be great if the Pro Bowl was something that coaches and player took pride in and it was a place where the best players at their players got recognized every time. However, it has been a little bit of a joke the last few years with the NFL trying to use gimmicks to hook people into watching and paying attention.

That isn’t the problem.

The problem is that fan voting allows teams with bigger fan bases to manipulate the results and skew it so that their favorite team’s players get in at the expense of good players in smaller markets.

As a call to action, these are the six Titans players who have absolutely earned a spot on the Pro Bowl ballot and you should vote early and vote often.

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